Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Lord of the Rings

a good story for today. I really have to sit down and blog.
Last night Chris got free tickets to Lord of the rings through his work. The show was okay as long as you forgot it was about Lord of the rings, it really didn't follow the storyline well but the show was good (you should have heard the singing).
Anyway... It was intermission and they were calling for people to go in (I didn't think it would be that short) so I ran into the bathroom just in case the 2nd part was going to be long.. unable to go cause of the time pressure (equivalent to someone standing outside the door yelling I can hear you peeing) I washed my hands in the weirdest most annoying sink in the world and ran to the door. I stopped dead in front of this lady who was coming in so i stepped to the right, she stepped to the left, I stepped to the left, she stepped to the right. I was starting to giggle about doing this dance when I realized that the person I was dancing with was ME. The door had been polished to a high black sheen and it was dark and I was in a rush and I never look people in the eye on account of my eye-phobia so all I saw was a body in front of me.
thank heaven I was alone in the bathroom. I can't imagine what someone might have thought seeing me dance with myself.


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