Monday, June 19, 2006


Oh yeah and yesterday… on my way to High Tea, I saw this girl dragging her mop dog behind her. I figure that she didn’t notice that it had sat down and just kept pulling. So down the stairs she went and Ms. Dog as I could see went sliding down. OUCH. So I stopped her at the landing and told her that the dog was not walking and she looked at me, looked at the dog and told me that it was just being lazy and that it was walking but when she tugged on the leash the dog just ‘cleaned up the landing’ did not walk.. So here I am standing in my dress, little purse and strappy sandals and looking at this ‘prosti-tot’ at Chris’ friend Jackie calls them and she is looking at the dog like ‘well what am I to do about it’ so I looked at her, reached down, and picked up the dog and started down the stairs. She quickly took her back from me. I mean, it’s not like it was a Shepard or a Boarhound. It was a mop.


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