Friday, June 16, 2006

DO NOT knit on the subway

I was on the train last night when I decided that I had somehow messed up a few rows of jaywalker. So i of course, decided to pull out the needles and frog and put them back in. all was well until I put the 1st needle in and then I dropped my needle. Down between the seat and the wall. yep.

So I grab one of my other needles and try and fish it out.. I dropped the other needle. I had 4 stops to try and get these needles out (most people wouldn't bother but I leave no man nor needle behind.

I pull out my trusty jaywalker pattern and fold it in half. there is 4 pages so I had 8 total and stuck it down between the seat and the wall. Luckly I managed to get both needles out right before I had to get off. Whew. By the way, the jaywalker socks are turning out great. The software for my camera is being funny so I will download the pics to my computer at work and post them next week.

By the way, in typical germaphobe style, I put the needles in a small bag in my purse and carried on with 2 clean ones. Thank you yarn harlot for telling me that I should carry spare needles.


Blogger Linz said...

teehee. that is a good story.
I'm glad you got them back!

2:02 PM  

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