Friday, June 09, 2006

A pigeon story

Isn’t she beautiful? The P2 I mean

I have the best but long story so get some coffee and sit down.

On Wednesday night I took Chris to volleyball. He had asked me to stick around but I was dead tired and said no. On my way home I saw a dead pigeon on the road. Normally I would look away but something about this bird was weird. So I circled back and lo and behold there was a live pigeon sitting in the middle of Lawrence Ave. Well naturally I scooped it up and put it on the floor of the passenger side. I drove home and the little bird was ok until I got to the street behind me, then he started to fuss and I started to freak I mean I have a live large bird in my car. So I slowed down and started begging it to please calm down, looking around, there was a guy staring at me begging an empty seat to calm down. CRAZY.

I got home and called one of the ladies at work, she knows of a sanctuary and she had given me a sheet with info on it and she wasn't home.
CRAP. Live bird in car, no 'grown ups'.

I called the humane society and they told me to bring it down. I drove down the Bayview extension and up to River street and there was a Vespa P200 for sale. I wrote down the number and proceeded to the humane society. Sadly Mr. Bird was to hurt to make it so they had to put him down. I feel ok about it though, it would have been a horrible way to meet the nest in the sky if he had been run over. The lady promised it would be quick and painless.

On my way back the P2 was being put away for the night. I pulled into the driveway and spoke to a man who was selling it. We decided that it was a good price and I thought it was in good condition (although anything that starts on the first kick is in good condition, I can't tell you how many times I have had to run up and down the street trying to help Chris bump start). I tried to kick it over but the starter just kept moving, it usually stops, the guy pushes me aside (nicely) and puts the key in the ignition. IGNITION, imagine that none of ours have one it was kinda embarrassing.

So last night I went to get a trip ticket so I could drive it home. Well I needed insurance and I didn't have my insurance papers. Chris did. So I got Chris and went to get the plate and they said I needed the ownership. So I went down to get the bike and chris tried it out. The guy needed Cash, I couldn't explain money order to him 4 banks and some stress about depositing the money orders to take out cash, I had it. All but 2 bills in 20s. Needless to say, I got the bike and Chris rode it home, with me on his tail, plateless. Ah well. I love it. I shall give it a name that befits the little bird that helped me to find it.


Fiddle found a mouse.

I couldn't figure out why she kept looking at the corner of the bedroom (I couldn't figure out WHY she was in the bedroom, she has shunned it for the past 6 months or more). Eventually I found Monsiour Mouse. I opened the back door for him but he just ran up the screen. I left the screen open and closed the main door. About 20 minutes later he left and probably went back under my house

Did you know that mice run 9 miles an hour?


Blogger Linz said...

Can't wait to meet the new Vespa!

8:43 AM  
Blogger Linz said...

Can't wait to meet the new Vespa!

8:43 AM  

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