Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Day 2, beating the addiction

It is 9:29 am and I have managed to NOT succumb to TH’s FVC. However, I did succumb to a TH’s chocolate dip doughnut.

My theory is that it’s not so much the FVC it’s the sugar and the habit. Saturday and Sundays I don’t crave it and I am good until I walk into the hospital.

On a lighter note… one of the ladies here won 7.5 million dollars on an old lottery ticket. I can honestly say that I am so thrilled for her. She was having such a tough time and she really deserves it.

Also, my parents just bought a new car. It’s a Jeep Liberty this is how the conversation went.

(in true scooterist fashion)

ME: That’s great, … does it have a trailer hitch?
MOM: No, why? What would I need to tow?
ME: Two Vespa’s.
MOM: (very slow) oh.

Well I never professed to be tactful.

AND I have 2 cat updates. Yesterday I was at my parents for their 36th anniversary and my dad’s 50th anniversary (arriving in Canada). Our Baby Cat (yes, that’s his name even if my brother won’t call him that) a 14 year old orange cat, has started his annual summer job. Guarding the front lawn. There will be pictures soon. Fiddle, well, last night I was filling the laundry tub to do laundry and hadn’t put any soap in. I was standing in the kitchen when I heard this noise…

It was fiddle, on the washer, drinking out if it. I have photos and a video. I will add them soon.
It’s is now 9:43 and TH has no control over me.


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