Thursday, June 29, 2006

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO! it's a giant Mosquito

June 23 I found the best means of strength training EVER. Pushing a 300 + lb Vespa from 5 blocks. I was on my way to the mechanic to get certified and one guy on a motorcycle did show some interest in helping me but I explained that the reason why I was pushing instead of riding was that I didn't have a plate. Saturday morning I RAN to the misnistry by my house and registered the bike as MINE. MINE. MINE. The ministry lady asked me if I had insurance (of course I didn't) because I didn't I wasn't supposed to get my plate but she was kind, asked me if I planned to ride without insurance which is a big NO so she gave me my plate. WEEEEEEEEE..

June 26th I got my insurance. I again RAN home and hopped on. Now I was nervous, practically shaking (well I was shaking but that could have been caffiene) and I drove over to Canadian Tire to get a plate holder (I tacked on the plate with one screw). I started off and was doing quite well on the back streets to Canadian Tire but when I got to Main and Danforth I realized I would have to cross tracks that were parallel. I have done it before but they really frighten me. So I decided to ride across Danforth, turn around and and make a right onto Danforth instead. I was doing ok until I got across the road and the bike started revving, really revving. I pulled in the clutch (as Chris has told me to do when in doubt) and stopped.(thank heaven) I turned off the bike and waited, shaking, no cell phone to call Chris. I then started up and drove over to the tire. I called Chris from there and we decided that my throttle cable probably needed to be oiled. so I drove home (it happened 2 more times) and that's all the riding I have done this week.

July 3, 2006- Turns out that on some Vespa's the throttle doesn't snap back into place. there was nothing wrong with it, that was until I fiddle'd (not the CAT)with the choke. now it stalls on turns. Chris has to fix it for me.


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