Wednesday, November 22, 2006

CAUTION: Excessive use of the word LOVE

FINALLY after what was probably the longest pregnancy in the world, Although it did feel that way when Luna and Melia were born, Tsuki had ANOTHER girl (

She was born on November 19th with beautiful black hair and a yawn that makes her look like her sisters (genetics, who'd a thunk it). I went by last night and enjoyed a lovely visit with Tsuki, the baby, the kids (she has a son too, and what a son, I have never met a 9 year old that is so loving towards his siblings) and her parents who I LOVE like my own.

Luna (her 5 year old) ran up to me yesterday and this was the conversation we had.

Luna: Vanessa, guess what? we got another girl.
Vanessa: generic answer
Luna: Do you know what this means??????
Vanessa: generic answer

Luna is a girly girl in the grandest sense. She also shares my love for purses. I LOVE THOSE KIDS.

More updayes later when I get photos.


Blogger Linz said...

PRINCESSES and PURSES are definitely the best parts of being a girl!

7:46 AM  

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