Thursday, September 28, 2006

Elvis has entered the blog

Tsuki (thank you VERY much) introduced me to which has ruined my life.

I am obsessed. Everyday all day that's all I can think about. Must CRAFT Must CRAFT.

On Tuesday night I stopped into Fabricland and Bloor and Yonge to get some Ribbon for a wallet I was planning to make. They didn't have the size I needed so I realized that the Wallet will never happen (see last post). On my way out I decided to just run through the rest of the store in case they had the ribbon elsewhere. As I was passing the cutting table there it was in all it's glory. Elvis printed fabric.

What did I do with it?????

Turned it into a purse. Side A is yellow, side B is green. I LOVE IT. I used the jordy bag pattern from Craftster and it turned out beautiful. Chris says it looks store bought. YAY!

Oh and Yes Tuski, I still have my gold bust of Elvis.


Blogger Linz said...

Ok, that's awesome!

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