Sunday, October 08, 2006


These are my cats.


Little miss cheeky climbed into the basket when I took a 5 minute break from folding the laundry.

The Dread Cat DeeDee

DeeDee of the glowing eyes. Makes her look like the little Demon she is.

Cameron the JungleCat

He currently resides with my parents, a beautiful cat that my dad found in a truck yard about 16 years ago. Weighing in at 20lbs (he is a Maine Coon and that's normal for them), he enjoys being bathed, cuddling up to my dad and sitting in the garden.


Yes, that really is his name, registered at the vet and all. He wasn't supposed to be our cat, we gave him away but he was given back due to his increasingly annoying howl to go out. He is about 13. His one job in life is to frighten people by playing dead on the lawn.

Every time they do this (which is rare) I feel the need to nap.


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