Monday, May 15, 2006

dyeing to dye with KOOLAID

The luscious Lindsay taught me how to dye yarn on Saturday. I have photo's of how mine turned out but you will have to wait for that. There is a lovely picture of fiddle but none of Lindsay. We only dyed about 1/3 of my skein of yarn and it came out perfect after I made a mess of it (I had dyed it orange, red and purple and when it was finished in the microwave it looked like crap so we stuck it in a pot of hot red koolaid and it's beautiful now)

Lindsay and I have another date on the 22nd to finished and prepare our sock yarn for the dye-o-rama swap, I am obessed with getting koolaid now. I want to stop everywhere to see what colors they have.

I also realized on Saturday morning while waiting to purchase Chris' birthday gift, KMFDM an dknitting are an odd couple.


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