Wednesday, March 29, 2006

it's okay NOT to knit

right? I don't have to knit every night. I kept starting projects last night and getting nowhere. I frogged the hourglass sweater and have decided to use the yarn to make 'nothing but a t-shirt' (see link). I am feeling a bit overwhelmed though as it's is 76 stitches per row for the front and the back. It will take a while. I also plan to do a picot edge
at the cuffs and waist so I can wear it to work and it not look too casual. I was hoping to do it on circular needles but I am wary due to the hourglass incident. I don't know. Chris says to do some smaller projects (like finishing the hat I made for Niall and Dan) to get a sense of accomplishment and that is a great idea. I also have to start a gnome hat for Unkie Rob and have that done before the Rally on the May long weekend. What was I thinking?


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