Monday, February 27, 2006

Just to give you an idea.

I know I shouldn’t complain but before ANY of you ask me to knit you a sweater let me tell you about my hourglass sweater.

FROGGING: the art of yanking out all of your project.

First 2 times I cast on the yarn was twisted so frogged it. The 3rd time I knit the whole hem and discovered that the join wasn’t ‘up to snuff’ so frogged it (I was watching son-in-law with Pauly Shore so I remember). So here I am 3 tries and nothing. Ok. So I feel frustrated and spend all day Sunday trying to talk myself out of making this sweater BUT realizing I can’t stop now and I can’t find anything to use the yarn for. So I start again.

It’s cast on, it’s going. I am doing well except I put some yarn in the stitches to use as lifelines in case I have to frog. This is the best idea I have ever had.

I pull out the lines and discover that I have bumps and it’s noticeable. I go on line to the team Canada blogsite and 2 seasoned knitters tell me that it’s probably going to show even if I block it. So I try to block it (wash and let it dry in the position you want it) Nope, not going to work. Fine. I will pull out the offending yarn down to the first lifeline mark.

I steam the frogged yarn to make it straight (start working on the sleeves meanwhile) and when it was dry I start to knit. HUGE PROBLEM. The new knitted rows don’t match up to the other knitted rows. CRAP CRAP CRAP. Fine. I decide to pull it out all the way to the hem line and start again (this is like Thursday last week). I start to curse and swear and decide that this damn sweater is driving me mad. I restart from the bottom. It’s going well. Really well. Everything is fantastic nothing can go wrong right? I have a few small errors but I will not frog again so the heck with it.

I get to the sleeves (which knitted up perfectly) I put them on the circular needles with the bodice (is that what you call it in knitting?). This is Saturday night at 11 pm. I have friends over. Everything is good. I start the Yoke. I discover that I have been slipping the stitches instead of slipping then knitting them. Out it comes. Back on the circ needles with the sleeves. I am going it’s great. It might be done for Sunday. What do I discover halfway through? The yoke line. The stitches that were slipped to make it look nice, well I have one at the front and one at the back. Yes. one at the front and one at the back. I have just lost 4 hours of work. It’s 3 am. No problem I can handle this.

Sunday morning I start again on the yoke. I get it done last night at 11 pm. I photograph it, put it on the blogs and then try it on. The neck is too big. I will be frogging next week.

I think I definately deserve this t-shirt


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