Thursday, January 26, 2006


I was looking for something to knit until the Olympics. As I browsed through knitty. I discovered this little gem. I wanted to make it before but forgot about it. I now have a serious problem. I can't decide between this and

this. and this.

Pros and Cons ( I have been reading Bridget Jones's diary and have now found self to be thinking like fictional character).

PRO: Tubey can be worn at work and play
CON: Tubey is very complicated and knitted shrug style, my shrug took 1 week on big needles, I have only 16 days.

PRO: Janda is a much easier pattern
CON: Janda can be worn at work but VERY relaxed so maybe only on days when I have no chance of seeing a patient.

PRO: Hourglass Sweater (orange) is by far the easiest
CON: a little boring but this IS my first sweater.

HOWEVER. I do not have to have the whole top done in the 16 days. I can only do say up to the armpits or in the case of Tubey just the shrug part and if I get more done, BONUS. Decisions Decisions. ANY SUGGESTIONS??????


Blogger Linz said...

Tubey - it's so gorgeous - and wouldn't you rather wear something you love!!
Plus, you have so many more options!

(And you can always buy a hoodie, but tubey is unique!)

6:49 AM  
Blogger The Sinister Knitter said...

okay. I for tubey, 2 for the hourglass (orange) sweater.

7:24 AM  

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