Friday, December 02, 2005


So after weeks of deliberation, I decided to Frog it. The first scarf I ever made. Now I made it on size 9 needles, garter stitch and it was good practice, but it turned out a little heavy and a little too warm (yes, there is such thing). So I tore it out and plan to double strand it and use larger needles. I may even put a stand of white in (it’s one of those self striping blues, that means it has 3 different colors going through the yarn. I like it with white when I have made pompoms out of it but I don’t know if it will work in a scarf.

On the lighter side. My MIL (mother in law) gave me a large bag of brightly colored yarn. There are balls of light green, orange, blue and hot pink, hardly color’s I use ( I like Jewel tones)

I laid it all out on the bed last week trying to decide what to do with them. Feeling greatly disheartened and thinking I would have to just hold on to it forever I put it back in the closet.

The very next day I came into work and on the back of one of the nurses’ chairs there it was. A cardigan made up of what? Blue, orange, yellow, and 2 shades of green. Can you believe it? They look fabulous together. How very exciting. Now I probably won’t make a cardigan but I now feel empowered, maybe a scarf or a nice doggie jacket. Amazing how the universe works.

The cardigan.


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if you get yarn you do not like the colors of you can always knit hats and stuff for charity. And getting outside the box with small items helps to broaden our horizon.


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