Friday, October 14, 2005

What happened?????

I don't know where to begin. Do I jump in with stories? Tell you who I am? How this happened?What I am wearing right now???? Or I do just start with a photo???

here is a photo....

For any of you who have ever felt the sense of confusion and loss after a major celebration (Christmas, your 21st birthday, your first child) You will understand. In my case, it was the wedding that I had planned for the 8 years we were together... Anyway... I was in Lewiscraft looking for silica to preserve my gorgeous grocery store bought bouquet when I walked past the 'wall of yarn'. Remembering my mother trying to teach me as a child and again as a teenager to knit (right handed, no wonder it failed) and trying to knit on a knitting machine at school I thought that I would give it another go. So I bought some yarn and a set of needles and came home to knit. I sat down and cast on and remembering the 4 steps to knitting (in, over, through and off) I began. Well it went ooooookkkkaaaayyyyyy and after an entire day I got somewhere. Empowered, I proceeded for the next several weeks to knit in garter stitch... and the rest is history.

More later.


Blogger Linz said...

Oh, I love the photos... and welcome to the blog world!
I think we'll need to talk about not having spam comments! =)

6:26 AM  

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